Episode 2 - the Peeps on Relationships (Part 1)

Hola people! First and foremost, Merry Christmas! We here at Peeps Creek want to ensure that each of you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday. To that end, we want to bless you with our voices on this here awesome holiday!!!

In this episode, the Peeps discuss the fundamentals of a relationship. This starts from that good ole letter from back in the day that was simple — yet straight to the point: do you like me, yes or no? We then venture into the 1-5 bedrock principles that must be present before any of us enter into a relationship. Finally, we talk about the muddled (or sticky) topic of dating a new person while still trying to maintain friendships with exes (or flings). Enjoy you guys! Don’t forget to rate, subscribe, and tell at least one other person about the podcast.