Welcome to Peeps’ Creek: the Double Entendre Podcast & Blog 

Who Are We: The Peeps are the host(s). The Creek is the Conversation. And while you are listening to the podcast (Episodes are posted below) imagine that you are sitting at a coffeeshop — the Peeps Creek Cafe — engaging in delightful, slightly intense, but definitely worthwhile conversation with the Peeps. And while reading the blogs, just imagine that you are drinking your favorite coffee, tea, or other beverage and reading an interesting and insightful article.

How did this come about: The idea for this podcast and blog was born from my (Sean) love for podcasts and my desire to have my voice heard on issues, topics, and/or other things that are important to me as an individual. By having a podcast and a blog, I am able to use my voice and my love for writing as a mechanism to reach others about my beliefs, thoughts, struggles, and my love of reflection. As a listener/reader, you get to judge me — both for the content and the delivery. But more importantly, I hope to be able to trigger something within you to think about a topic differently — whether for better or worst! My goal is not to persuade, but it is to challenge you to view things from a different perspective — even if you ultimately disagree.

To listen to the podcast, simply hit the “Episodes” link above, and you will find all of the episodes to the fortnightly podcast. Additionally, you can read any of the blogs by hitting the “Blog Posts” link as well. Feel free to leave any feedback for the show and/or blog by hitting the “Connect With Us” link above (or the “Leave Feedback / Suggest Topics” button below). By feedback, I mean anything. Your like for the show, your desire to hear a specific topic, your dislike for the show or whatever your heart desires. Call us at 202-618-0043

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Hey there, click me to find out who we are! 🤗

Hey there, click me to find out who we are! 🤗