Welcome to Peeps’ Creek Podcasts

The Peeps are the host(s). The Creek is the Conversation / Stories. Imaging that you have walked into Peeps Creek Cafe, ordered your favorite drink ☕️🥃🍸, and sat at a table to engage in some delightful, slightly intense, but definitely worthwhile conversations or to listen to an available fictional original story. That’s us!

The Cafe

Available every other Monday on your favorite podcast directory, the Cafe brings current and controversial conversations ranging from shooting the breeze to politics. While the Peeps do not shy away from controversial topics with varying opinions, the ultimate point to get the listener to think about a little differently about an issue — even if you ultimately disagree.

Peeps’ Creek Presents: Shorts📚Podcast

Available every Hump Wednesday on your favorite podcast directory, Shorts📚 are original fictional stories by @bassaxoharp where he writes stories centered around crime, love, triumph, and adversity. Our newest podcast comprised of 20-minute (or less) stories — some that build upon the previous Short and some completely divorced from the previous Short!

Go ahead and support the Shorts📚!

Feedback is Welcomed

Suggest new topics, add to a short via, or just send feedback via: 1). online; 2). e-mail; 3.) call or text; 4.) Instagram; or Twitter.