The Arch of Life

The cover image for this blog post was taken by me, which shows the Arch beautifully encapsulating the old Courthouse. It is a beautiful image. But both symbols unfortunately solidifies the dark history of this country, while simultaneously permitting light to permeate (you will see why). But back to this history — a history that is too often watered down, ignored, or simply rewritten. The Old Courthouse is where Dred Scott sued for his and his wife’s freedom (twice might I add). Once in 1846, which he lost in 1847 due to the fact that he had not proven an essential element of his claim — that he was actually enslaved by Irene Emerson. Undeterred, Mr. Scott sued again, which took approximately three (3) years to be heard. During this time, Mr. Scott and his family were leased — yes people leased — by the Sheriff to do work and etc.  Ultimately, Mr. Scott won during the second trial, but the slaveowner was pissed and appealed the decision to the Missouri Supreme Court, which reversed the decision, ruling that the Scotts were in fact slaves. This case went to the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that black folks were never intended to be citizens under the United States Constitution, and thus, could not sue in federal court. Basically, blacks were property and property can’t sue!

So while standing outside in the cold and aiming my iPhone X to take this picture, all of the following came to mind. In a single beautiful picture there is ugliness. In a single beautiful picture there is hope. In a single beautiful picture there is resilience. In a single beautiful picture there is idealism. This harkens back to the fact that life brings good and bad. Life brings unpredictable situations and people into your life. It is the Arch of Life that connects us. It is the Arch of Life that separate us. It is the Arch of Life that commands that while we are here on this planet that we must do our work to become the best person that we each know how to be. For some, this will mean being in love. For others, it means getting an education, obtaining the perfect dream job, raising a family, or purchasing that beautiful house. And yet for others like me, it is simply trying my best to recognize that the good I do on this earth transcends my lifetime. And like Mr. Scott, I must remain undeterred. I must remain vigilant. I must focus on doing what I think is right. And no matter what folks may say about me, what they may think about me, how they may talk about me behind my back, or may wish bad upon me; only I can be me. Only can I determine how I will walk through my Arch of Life. I choose to do so in my way, on my terms, and for the good of me.

So , I encourage each of you to find your Arch. Find you. Love you. Embrace You. But most importantly, be you! ❤️😃